Ambrosia Maple Serving Board-16" x 12"

$50 $59


These boards are best suited as Serving Boards and not cutting boards.  They are just to beautiful to be cut up.

Ambrosia Maple is Soft Maple with a cream colored background which is host to a variety of greyish-blue to brown streaks that are caused by an infestation of the ambrosia beetle. The beetle burrows into the tree and leaves a fungus in it's path, which is what creates the discoloration in the wood and create a very unique pattern in each board. In most or all of the streaks there are tiny holes from where the beetle burrowed into the wood. Neither the fungus nor the holes disturb the integrity of the wood.

Ambrosia maple also is called "ghost" maple, because the stains look like ghosts suspended in the board and the larvae tunnels appear to be eyes.

We can personalize your board or gift by Laser Engraving an image or text of your choosing.

Treated with food grade oil.

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